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Three Different Ways to Marinate Meat

In the past, using marinade on food was used exclusively for food conservation. This technique allowed food to last longer and also to acquire flavor. Now, this gastronomic concept has changed. With the use of a series of ingredients that you can find anywhere, you can give aroma, texture, flavor and smell to all the meats that

Lose Weight With These Delicious Turmeric Recipes – Step To Health

Even though many people have given up on “miracle” methods, there are healthy alternatives that support weight loss. This can happen without exposing the body to undesirable side effects. However, it’s also always necessary to have a good diet and exercise. In this article, we’d like to recommend turmeric, a spice that’s rich in nutrients.

5 Naturally Delicious Stress Fighting Juices

You can benefit from the nutritional values of these juices to prevent and alleviate stress and its consequences without having to get medicated. Stress is an emotional state characterized by high physical or emotional tension often caused by overly-demanding circumstances. It’s one of the body’s defense mechanisms which reacts to dangerous or difficult situations as a survival instinct.

3 Simple and Original Tips to Enjoy Plantains

The plantain is, without a doubt, one of the most popular fruits in several gastronomic traditions around the world. This is especially true in America, where there’s a variety of delicious and original recipes. That’s why it allows you to make really delicious dishes easily, and with great results. Now, what really matters is knowing what the