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Reasons to Quit Smoking and Strategies for Success

There are a lot of reasons to quit smoking, but the most important one is to give yourself a better quality of life. However, millions of people continue to smoke despite having the facts: the harm they inflict on the environment, loss of human lives and the implications of second-hand smoke. In fact, there’s been

6 Benefits of Practicing Pilates Every Week – Step To Health

More and more people are practicing pilates every week. What began as a way to exercise has become an activity that benefits both your mental and physical health. Some of the goodness that pilates provides includes losing weight, having good musculature, bettering posture, and combating nervous disorders like stress or anxiety. In this article, we’ll

Foods You Need if You Have A Sedentary Job

The daily decisions you make about your nutrition regarding what to eat for lunch and dinner have a direct impact on your health. You can repetitively choose to eat high fat and animal protein diets that can cause diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular conditions, and obesity. Or, you could choose a varied low fat and