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Eat This Food Daily For Balanced Hormones (According To A Functional Doc)

As a rule, I avoid giving one-step, quick-fix answers to health, especially when it comes to the complex chemical messengers that work to direct and regulate your body’s multitude of functions. That said, as an integrative medical doctor, a nutritionist, and a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, I believe deeply in the power of food

3 Simple and Original Tips to Enjoy Plantains

The plantain is, without a doubt, one of the most popular fruits in several gastronomic traditions around the world. This is especially true in America, where there’s a variety of delicious and original recipes. That’s why it allows you to make really delicious dishes easily, and with great results. Now, what really matters is knowing what the

Foods You Can Eat in Unlimited Quantities

If you get hungry between meals, pay attention to the following foods that you can enjoy as often as you like and at any time of the day, because they’re very low in calories and healthy. Celery Celery contains six calories per 100 grams. It’s made up of 95% water. Therefore, it has almost no